Garden Clean-up

Thanks to all those who came out to spruce up the KPR Garden.  The Garden includes more than 60 members from the community, as well as students from nearby Apple Tree PCS.  Local residents are given priority for garden membership, though we currently carry both a local and a non-local waitlist.  Please email, if you would like  to get on the waitlist.  We may be expanding this spring, which could make room for more gardeners.

It was a difficult task to take up all the weeds that had taken root early due to the unusually warm winter and spring.

A special thanks to those gardeners and residents who helped some of our more seasoned gardeners clear and fill their plots for the season.  It’s beautiful to watch our diverse community come together in what has become such a lovely setting.

Before from the NW:

After from the NW:

Before from the SW:

After from the SW:


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