Upcoming Events

Garden Beautification Day

Come help make the Garden even more beautiful! On 4/16/2016, we will be weeding, mowing, etc. from 10am-2pm. Hope to see you there!

Free Trees for Kingman Park Residents!

If anyone within 4 blocks of 21st and E NE wants a free tree for their yard, please email Rainer Kulenkampff at rkulenkampff@gmail.com with your tree preferences by tomorrow, January 24, 2014. Trees will be planted by volunteers in late March. Here are the choices:

Small/Flowering Trees; 
Serviceberry, reaching up to 20 feet;
American Hornbeam, reaching up to 25 feet;
American Yellowwood, reaching up to 30 feet;
Crabapple, reaching up 25 feet

Large Shade Trees; 
River Birch, reaching up to 35 feet;
Ginko, reaching up to 40 feet;
Tuliptree – Tulip Poplar, reaching up to 55 feet’;
Black Gum – Tulepo, reaching up to 35 feet

Sponsored by Casey Trees and the Kingman Park-Rosedale Community Garden.

Haunted Garden Halloween Party and Meet and Greet 10/28 4-6PM

The KPR Garden, along with KPR Families, and the Friends of Kingman Park, will be hosting a Haunted Garden Halloween Party and Meet and Greet on Sunday, October 28, 2012 from 4-6PM. Both Candidates for ANC 7D01 will be invited, as well as other DC officials. But more importantly, there will be candy and fun for the neighborhood’s kids!

But we need your contributions to make this event a success! So please contact Lisa White or bob.coomber@gmail.com, if you would like to contribute decorations, candy, or your time.

We hope to see you there!


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